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Best Putters under $150 for 2019

Odyssey O-Works putter in the action of a putting stroke

The summer is here and that means that golf season is back in full swing (literally). Maybe last year went well for you or maybe it didn’t. Either way you can always try to get your game to the next level at the start of a new season with a guide to the Best Putters under $150.

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Focus on your putting

Short game, particularly putting, is a huge facet of the game and is something that everyone should focus on. No better way to start your improvement than to purchase a new putter to start fresh. You probably don’t want to break the bank, so we have created a buyer’s guide for the best putters under $150 for 2019.

Choosing your putter type

We’ve already said it but putting can make or break your golf game. It doesn’t matter how far you hit it if you can’t putt at a reasonable level. A cool, steady stroke is the difference between making those straightforward 5-footers and paying your buddy a bunch of cash.

Finding a putter that fits your stroke is key to improving your short game and in turn your overall game. Looking at aspects like weight, size, and head design are important to pay attention to. Sometimes a simple putter head is easier for players to use than a crazy fancy one that could be distracting.

When choosing a putter to purchase it would be beneficial to understand the different types of putters and what their attributes are. In our opinion, the biggest thing is determining where you like the weight of the putter during your stroke.

Best Putters under $150: Options

There are many different options when it comes to putter types. Here’s a few: toe balanced, face balanced, peripheral weighted ones, mallet putters, blade putters. To give an example of what the different types can do let’s look at toe balanced vs. face balanced.

Toe balanced vs face balanced putters

The design of toe balanced putters and face balanced putters is very easy to comprehend. If you were to hold the putter by its shaft, the toe would point to the ground for the toe balanced. The face would point towards the ground for the face balanced.

If you have more of an arc in your putting stroke, then a toe balanced might suit you because of the way the club head is weighted. But if you are a golfer who has a very straight putting stroke (good for you) then a face balanced putter might suit you more because the center of gravity is directly in the center of the club head which makes it less likely from opening or closing during the stroke.

Get what we’re saying here? So, we will dive into the best putters under $150 keeping that in mind because we know most people who golf aren’t professionals. This is important because the professionals are experts in their craft and are good enough to putt with any type, no matter how the club head is weighted.

Criteria for Best Putters under $150

In order to rank the best putters under $150, we chose just 4 criteria to rank for each putter.

  1. Weight
  2. Balance
  3. Quality
  4. Price

We also examined putters within the range of $100-150 because that is a good sweet spot for the average golfer. The best putters in the game that you see Jordan Spieth or Rickie Fowler using won’t be on this list, but the beginner putters won’t either. The chart below shows the comparison between the rankings for each of the putters:

PutterWeightBalanceQualityPriceOveral Rating
Odyssey O-Works Versa #1 9.3109.
TaylorMade Big Red Monte Carlo9.
Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft99.
PING Sigma G Answer Platinum999.29.39.1

Odyssey O-Works Versa #1

Odyssey O-Works #1 Putter

As simple as the putter is, this one is a gem. The Odyssey O-Works Versa #1 has it all. How about the super-stroke grip that it boasts? The club balance is another great aspect that allows you to feel very controlled while holding this thing. Add in the new Microhinge technology which provides incredible topspin and roll at impact.

A big component of this putter is the club face. It has a larger sweet spot that most putters which allows you to survive (and even sink) mishits on the green. This is the reason that this putter is our top pick for best putters under $150.

Taylormade Big Red Monte Carlo

Taylormade Big Red Monte Carlo Putter. Best Putters under $150 for 2019

This Taylormade putter has a clear red and white line on the area behind the clubface to help align your stroke. The clubhead also has a composite insert to replace much of the aluminum, making for a lighter putter.

The Big Red Monte Carlo mallet putter’s insert helps prevent it from opening or closing during the putting stroke. Perfect for a player who has trouble lining up and hitting straight putts.

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft #12

Huntington Beach #12 Putter. Best Putters under $150 for 2019

It’s in the name for this putter. The Huntington Beach Soft #12 has a very soft feel to it due to the deep groves on the club face. With the three parallel lines on the top of the club face, straight putting is no longer a hassle. The semi-circle shape of the putter head makes the putting stroke smooth and flawless.

Through weight distribution strategically engineered by Cleveland Golf, the Huntington Beach Soft #12 provides a stable feel for every putt. This is a putter that gives you that comfortable feel when you pull it out of your bag.

PING Sigma G Answer Platinum

Ping Sigma G Anser Platinum Putter showing both sides of the club head. Best Putters under $150

This putter utilizes new precision-milled technology to create a variable-depth pattern on the club face. The purpose of this is to ensure “full-face forgiveness”, meaning that during contact it will produce much more consistent putting strokes.

PING uses a high-energy PEBAX insert to protect the soft feel and to provide distance control. PEBAX is a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer that is used for its damping component. This helps reduce the oscillatory properties that occur in events such as striking a golf ball with a putter. Buy it Here!

Best Putters under $150 Recap

That’s all she wrote folks. We hope that you enjoyed our buyer’s guide for the best putters under $150. Not only do we want to provide you with information on which putters are great buys, but we also want you to have a putter that best fits you.

All of these putters are solid choices though which is why we spent time writing about them. So, grab your weapon of choice and drop a few strokes off your game through your putting.


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