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Brooks Koepka’s Workout

Brooks Koepka's Workout routine. Biceps, Bench press, lower body, and diet.

Brooks Koepka is a beast. The guy is the size of a linebacker and he’s one of the premier players on the PGA tour. If you saw him on the street and had to guess what sport he played, you would certainly not think golf. We take an in-depth look at Brooks Koepka’s workout to see what he does to keep himself in shape.

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Brooks Koepka’s Height and Weight

Not a huge fan of discussing someone’s height and weight, but I know that you are wondering what Brooks is weighing in at these days.

Koepka weighs in at 186 lbs and his height is measured at 6′ on the dot (Ok, so more like an NFL running back as opposed to a linebacker).

Brooks Koepka poses with the Wanamaker trophy biceps. Brooks Koepka's Workout

Brooks Koepka’s Workout: Upper Body

Koepka’s Upper Body workout consists of 3 different target areas: Chest, Biceps, and Core. All are essential for a golfer, especially one that is consistently creating as much torque as Brooks does off the tee.

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His Warm-up consists of 15-20 minutes of cardio, typically on a stationary bike.

Bench Press:

  • 135 lbs (15X)
  • 185 lbs (15X)
  • 225 lbs (15X)
  • 185 lbs (To Failure)
  • 135 lbs (To Failure)

Brooks Koepka’s MAX Bench is 315 lbs!


  • Hammer Curls – 45 lbs (12-15 reps)
  • Regular Curls – 45 lbs (12-15 reps)

3 Sets each for both Hammer curls and Regular curls.


  • Ab Core Machine
  • Sit-ups
  • Decline Sit-ups

Core routine is repeated 4X.

Brooks Koepka’s Workout: Lower Body

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts

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Koepka’s Cardio Workout

You can tell by the looks of him, Brooks is not interested in staying lean, however you still have to get cardio in when you’re playing golf at the highest level and walking 18 holes per round.

Typically, Koepka will run around 2 -3 miles a day.

How he stays in shape

Consistency. Simple as that. Brooks is very strict with his training regime. He works out every single day no matter what. And I mean NO MATTER WHAT! 

Seriously, the guy was working out before the final round of the 2018 U.S. Open, which he won by the way. That is just down right ridiculous but that is obviously what it takes to be the best. For the record, he was benching 225 lbs in sets of 12-15 before teeing off with the Wanamaker Trophy on the line.

“I don’t get sore,” Koepka said. “If you’re working out every day, you’re not going to be sore.”

Koepka’s Diet

Depending on what you read, you’re going to find a lot of different information regarding what Brooks eats to stay in shape. None of it can be confirmed but one would guess it’s pretty damn healthy.

For major tournaments he brings his whole team and normally rents out an Airbnb near the course. His ‘whole team’ includes his trainer and personal chef. If you have a personal chef you know the food is going to be healthy for you.

As far as drinking alcohol goes for Koepka? I’d say that with his huge partnership with Michelob Ultra he probably has a few beers on the house after a long round. Don’t worry they’re only 95 calories per beer of course.

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Brooks Koepka’s workout routine and his commitment to keeping himself in shape confirms why he is one of the best in the game today. His consistency with his fitness will surely keep him in contention for a long time coming.


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