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Best Mini Golf Courses in America

Palm trees and fountains line the entry way to Shoot for the Stars mini golf course

Golf is a great sport but it can sometimes wear on you both mentally and physically. A good alternative to the game is to downsize a bit. Try playing some miniature golf to avoid the wear and tear and frustration that regular golf brings.

Mini golf not only gives you an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself while still being around golf but it relies solely on putting. No more scuffing chips, hooking drives into the woods, or topping a perfectly fine fairway lie.

Best Mini Golf Courses

Most mini golf courses are very dressed up to be aesthetically pleasing. Most of the time the actual golf gets overshadowed by the theme decorations and backdrop. Let’s take a look at the best mini golf courses in the country to visit.

Par-King Skill Golf

Lincolnshire, IL

Taj Mahal replica with mini golf holes all around at the Par-King Mini Golf course

Advertised as “The World’s Most Unusual Golf Course”, Par-King boasts two 18-hole courses, 19 moving obstacles, and 7 water holes. This course has rocket ships, elephants, clowns, and a roller coaster to try and slow you down. Par-King might be harder than fun with all of these distractions.

Around the World

Lake George, NY

London Bridge replica over water on a mini golf hole at the Around the World mini golf course in Lake George, NY

This course was inspired by the designer’s travels around the world and the souvenirs he brought back home. Some of the landmarks on the course include the Taj Mahal, a giant sombrero, a replica of the New York City subway, and a life-sized lobster.

Camelot Golfland

Anaheim, CA

Giant castle behind a series of bridges at the Camelot Golfland in Anaheim, CA

Camelot is the largest miniature golf facility in the United States. And has 5 courses! One course features a giant castle, a pagoda, and Spanish forts that shoot water cannons. Another course is jungle themed and adds a safari element to your mini golf game. No wonders this is one of the best mini golf courses in the country.

Perils of the Lost Jungle

Herndon, VA

Wood sign for perils of the lost jungle mini golf course

If you want to get through this mini golf course you’ll have to have the have the stomach for adventure. The jungle that is this course makes you go face to face with a massive komodo dragon, through quicksand, and past a mummy’s tomb. Don’t forget the snakes that slither all throughout the area…

Smuggler’s Cove

Tampa, FL

Baby alligators on a wood platform at Smuggler's Cove Mini Golf Course in Tampa, FL

Have you ever fed a live alligator? Head to Smuggler’s Cove mini golf course and you will have that chance. You can purchase the gator food to feed to the amphibians before you head out on a journey through pirate territory, caves, and much more.

Shoot for the Stars

Branson, MO

Palm trees line the Shoot for the Stars mini golf course in Branson, MO

Putting through 18 holes of Hollywood stardom is what this course is all about. This mini golf experience gives you the chance to live what it would be like on your way to becoming a celebrity. You’ll play through the paparazzi, movie sets, and parties with your wise-cracking agent by your side.

Hollywood Drive In

Orlando, FL

Various golf holes including a haunted house structure, a maze, and movie signs at the Hollywood Drive In mini golf course

Another movie themed one makes the list of best mini golf courses in the U.S. The Hollywood Drive In is based on vintage horror films and science fiction movie sets, to name a few. Cutting-edge special effects and interactive elements make this mini golf experience great to play during the day or at night.

Hawaiian Rumble

Myrtle Beach, SC

Volcano among a sea of palm trees at the Hawaiian Rumble mini golf course in Myrtle Beach, SC

“Rated the #1 mini golf in the WORLD”, Hawaiian Rumble is centered around a tropical Hawaiian Garden. Relaxing Hawaiian music plays in the background as you go throughout the course. There is even a 40-foot volcano in the middle of the property.


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