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What’s in Tiger Woods’ Bag?

Tiger Woods' Monster Energy Black Golf Bag with Tiger stuffed animal head cover poppin gout the top on the golf course

It’s hard to believe we have not done a “What’s in the Bag” post for the G.O.A.T yet. Basically every post on Golf Legends has at least 1 sentence referring to the great Tiger Woods. Do you blame us? Tiger transcends the game in every way.

I gotta say it really is great seeing him out there competing with the players that he has inspired with his incredible play over the years. I could get into a whole spiel, but let’s get to the reason you’re hear and take a look at what’s in Tiger Woods’ Bag for 2019.

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What’s in Tiger Woods’ Bag?

Back in the day Tiger was an absolute legend off the tee box. It is still baffling to myself and most of the golfing world how far he was hitting the ball back then given the “primitive” technology.

Tiger Woods hitting golf balls on the range wearing a white polo shirt with his Black monster energy golf bag for 2019 behind him with the tiger head cover facing the camera.

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The massive increase in earnings on the PGA Tour would not have been possible without Tiger bursting onto the scene. It would be difficult to argue that Tiger didn’t also have a tremendous effect on increase in equipment innovations and technologies.

Tiger Woods’ Driver 2019

Being a former world #1 (#13 in the World Golf Rankings at the time of writing this), it’s no surprise Tiger plays the #1 Driver in the game, TaylorMade. Precisely the TaylorMade M5 Driver. Tiger still swings hard, but definitely not like he used to.

TaylorMade M5 Driver with White Background. Tiger Woods Driver 2019
TaylorMade M5 Driver with Speed Injected Twist Face

Enter the TaylorMade M5, “individually calibrated to reach the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed” (TaylorMade Golf). Sounds expensive, and borderline illegal, one of which is true. Either way that extra speed is going to be excellent for Tiger.

Tiger’s Fairway Wood 2019

For his fairway play Tiger will not stray very far away from the Driver. He’s going with the TaylorMade M5 Fairway Woods. These woods are built specifically for putting oneself in position for an eagle. Not really but regardless of whether I just made that up or not, they’re eagle machines.

TaylorMade M5 Fairway Wood with White Background. Tiger Woods Fairway Wood for 2019
TaylorMade M5 Fairway Wood

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We’ve already seen a few eagles from Tiger Woods in 2019 with hopes of many more. The TaylorMade M5 Woods will surely get the job done. He also carries a TaylorMade M3 Fairway Wood which is the older model of the M5.

Tiger Woods Irons 2019

Tiger is playing a new set of irons for 2019. As far as we know they are most similar to the TaylorMade P790 Irons, but obviously Tiger is going with something a bit more custom, if you will.

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His irons of choice are the TaylorMade TW Phase 1 Bladed Irons. Tiger plays these prototypes from the 3-iron to pitching wedge. He also occasionally plays with a TaylorMade RSi TP UDI 2-Iron as well.

TaylorMade TW Phase Prototype Irons sitting atop Tiger Woods' famous Tiger Driver Cover
Tiger’s Prototype TW Phase 1 Irons for 2019

Tiger’s New Wedges 2019

Like Rory, Tiger was another PGA Tour player that had to find new equipment after Nike stopped making golf equipment. Instead of the Tiger’s custom VR Forged Wedges he now plays with 56 and 60 degree TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedges. Different brand, same lofts as before.

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TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge with White Background. Pictured in Chrome.
TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedges

Tiger Woods Putter for 2019

After bouncing back and forth with a few different putter last year, Tiger is currently playing a TaylorMade Ardmore 3 mallet. A bit of a change-up from the typical Scotty Cameron he had played with for all those great years, but Tiger knows himself best and it was time for a change.

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TaylorMade Ardmore 3 Mallet Putter with White background.
TaylorMade Ardmore 3 Mallet Putter

Well there you have it! What’s in Tiger Wood’s Bag for the 2019 PGA Tour season. Let’s hope this revamped bag puts him in contention consistently and give the people what they want!



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