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Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges Review

3 Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges without a shaft sitting atop a work bench staggered. Jet Black, brushed steel, and tour chrome finish pictured.

I have played Titleist Vokey Wedges (52, 54, 60) for almost 10 years now and I love everything about them; The feel, the control; The weight of the club head is exactly what I’m looking for. Above all, the Vokey’s have always provided me with the confidence (the most important aspect of golf) needed to hit a good wedge shot as I address the ball.

Titleist’s previous model, the Vokey SM6 Wedges, are the most used wedges amongst PGA Tour players. If history says anything, it’s that the Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges will be the top wedge of 2019.

Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges Review

So what does “SM” stand for? SM stands for “Spin Milled”. Spin Milled is Titleist’s unique way of creating its sharpest and most consistent grooves yet!

Groove design varies between lofts to provide maximum spin and control on every type of shot. Deep, narrow grooves are milled into the lower lofted clubs (46-54 degrees). The higher lofted wedges (55-62 degrees) have wider grooves.

Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges Chrome Finish white background

Superior Versatility

The Vokey SM7 Wedges are hands down the most versatile wedges I’ve ever hit. Obviously that’s going to come across a little biased seeing as I have played Vokey’s for a long time, but it’s the truth.

I’m not in the market for new wedges currently, but it’s inevitable that the SM7’s will be the upgrade that replaces my SM6 wedges.

“How Confidence is Crafted” is Titleist’s slogan for the Vokey SM7’s. Like I said before, regardless of what gear you play, confidence is the most important aspect in the game of golf. The Vokey’s are, in my opinion, the best-of-the-best in the confidence department.

Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges Available Options

The versatility of both the performance and looks (that Slate Blue finish is next-level!) of the Vokey SM7’s is superb. 5 different Finishes and 23 different combinations of loft, bounce, and sole grinds!

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Personally, I’m not too particular on the sole grind. Too many options, for too many different types of shots, in too many different turf conditions.

If you are looking for the most versatility, stick with the F-Grind which features a traditional full sole. An all-purpose sole grind so to say.

  • Lofts: 46-62 degrees
  • Finishes: Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black, Raw, Slate Blue
  • Sole Grinds: L, M, S, F, K, and D grind options (Grind descriptions can be found here)
  • Stock Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold, Nippon N.S. Pro MODUS3 125
  • Stock Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet White, Golf Pride Velvet Multi-compound

6 Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges in 3 different finishes. Chrome, Brushed Steel, Raw, Slate Blue, and Brushed Steel Options.

Progressive Control

I cannot speak highly enough of the feel of the Vokey SM7’s. The “progressive” center of gravity, which varies with each loft is excellent. No matter what loft you hit, it feels like the club is tailored to whatever shot you’re looking to play.

Spin and shot dispersion is something that really stands out for myself with the SM7’s. Even on bad lies, enough spin was achieved to get that bite on the greens. How Bob Vokey continues to find ways to improve the spin and control on his wedges flat-out baffles me.

Forgiveness has always been a strong suit with the Vokey line over the years, and the SM7’s stay true to the name. I found the feel and sound on impact to be soft and crisp. Maybe not quite as soft as Cleveland’s RTX 4 Wedges, but it was too close to call for me. The superior amount of spin on the Vokey’s is what sets them apart for me.

Bottom Line

Don’t just take my biased word on the Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges. However, I doubt you will find anyone giving these wedges a “thumbs-down”.

The SM7’s have it all. The feel and spin control are as good as it gets. The Vokey quality is second-to-none, and they are the most popular wedges on the PGA Tour.

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What else could you ask for in a wedge? That’s a rhetorical question. Nothing. If you’re in the market these are what you are looking for!


We have seen the Titliest Vokey SM7 Wedges priced anywhere from $150-175 for the Chrome, Brushed Steel, and Jet Black finishes (Jet Black is sharp!).

For that phenomenal Slate Blue finish, it’s going to cost you a bit extra at $199. The Raw finish option is $195. Try before you buy!

3 Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges in Raw finish in foreground with several more in out of focus background.


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