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Under Armour Spieth 2 Golf Shoes

Spieth 2 Golf Shoes Black and White From Under Armour. On Golf Fairway surface

Jordan Spieth teams up with Under Armour for another addition to the Under Armour golf footwear lineup. The Under Armour Spieth 2 golf shoes are a continuation of Jordan’s partnership with Under Armour Golf.

A perfect blend of a traditional spiked golf shoe with a modernized look. Nothing too flashy. Just a down to earth, clean and classic look that gets the job done. exactly what we have come to expect from PGA Tour stand out Jordan Spieth.

Jordan Spieth, profesional golfer, holding up his new UA Spieth 2 Golf Shoe wearing all black under armour polo and hat

Spieth 2 Golf Shoe

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m biased towards Jordan Spieth, being a fan of his, but I actually like the look of the Spieth 2 golf shoes. Unlike most golf shoes these days theses are relatively conservative, and in my opinion a perfect balance of old school and new school.

Spieth 2 Golf Shoes is White color. Pair of shoes stacked on top of eachother on a golf playing surface

They offer 6 different color options. They have an all white option, as well as, an all black option which is rare. Most of the new shoes coming out today have these ridiculous accents on top of goofy colors. None of which are a nice plain white/ brown or white/ black combination that have dominated the better part of the 20th century. For those that like to be conservative with these golf shoe game these color options are perfect.

Fit & Feel

As for the fit, they are true to size. That includes everything we’ve read as well as trying them on myself. They are quite comfortable as well. Feet never hurt, no fatigue at all. I am impressed with the comfort, fit, and overall feel of the Spieth 2 golf shoe.

Greg and Black Under Armour Spieth 2 Golf Shoes


What I did not like about the shoe was the quality of the spikes. It seems that many other customers have complained about the spikes being low quality and breaking within the first couple rounds. Here is what one customer had to say. I know it’s a bit long but it sums up everything pretty well:

“I purchased my Spieth 2’s at the beginning of the season and played only 3 rounds in them before one of the rotational spikes on my left foot broke..
Took the shoes back to Golf Town and UA doesn’t even provide them with replacement spikes.. they would have to send the shoe off for repair and it would take time to get back to me. RIDICULOUS!
Why doesn’t UA provide their retailers with replacement rotational spikes?!?!
I played a 4th round with all the spikes changed out to soft spikes… and then unfortunately broke my collarbone a week later and haven’t been able to play a round for the rest of the season.
What a WASTE… don’t buy into the rotational spike hype… last you maybe 2-3 rounds before you gotta replace them, and UA doesn’t even provide you or retailers with replacements.
The shoe fits me fine, and is comfortable… but what a gimmick with the spikes… at least provide us with replacements!”

This is a huge turn off for me especially seeing as if you bought a pair when they first came out you’d have paid $200. It is also really disappointing look for Under Armour because it sounds like the customer service wasn’t the greatest either. If you noticed however the customer said the shoe was comfortable and fit fine, so at least Under Armour got some stuff right.

Up close shot of the Spieth 2 under armour golf shoes. Up close to the removable spikes

Bottom Line

I prefer the spikeless golf shoes so these weren’t really for me. Lets hope Under Armour pulls its together and delivers if it decides to do another Spieth iteration. I would avoid the Spieth 2 golf shoes and take your money elsewhere for the time being.

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