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4 callaway rogue irons in a back with a fairway in background with medallion sfacing camera wiht callaway logo.

The Callaway Rogue Irons we’re certified “Gold” on Golf Digest’s 2018 Hot List. This is no fluke. I remember years ago when Callaway came out with the game-changing X-18’s and X-20’s. I remember thinking to myself, “these are just phenomenal, how much better can you get? Where can you go from here?”

The Callaway Rogue Irons are just another notch up in Callaway’s great history of making professional quality, reliable irons, for players of all skill levels. They also made Golf Legends’ list of the Best Irons Under $1000.

360 Face Cup Technology

Callaway describes the 360 face cup as a “flexible rim” around the outside of the club face. Obviously you cannot see it because it is within the club face “behind the scenes”, if you will. Anyway, it flexes and then releases, as contact is made with the club, increasing ball speed.

Close up of the grooves on the Callway rrogue irons new for 2018

The Callaway Rogue Irons also feature VFT, or Variable Face Thickness. This is pretty straightforward and works just as it sounds (Sound on impact is great as well). The club face thickness varies throughout, playing into the 360 face cup “flex and release” on impact.

Callaway Rogue Iron 2018 on chrome metal table with gooves facing away from camera

Weighting and Distance

Tungsten weights are strategically placed within the club putting the center of gravity precisely in the sweet spot. This is felt immediately with the first swing. Balance was the first word that came out of my mouth after I swung the 8-Iron for the first time. Tungsten is twice as heavy as steel meaning more weight can be put where you want it with making the club clunky.

Close up shot of 3 Callway rogue irons slightly out of focus

The weights in combination with the 360 Face Cup Technology have a tremendous impact on ball speed and in turn distance. Easily added 5 to 10 yards on each club. The feel, as I said earlier, is balanced and soft. I didn’t feel strained or like I needed to try very hard to make solid contact.

With an easier more relaxed swing I still hit the typical yardage for each club and had excellent control. In a way it feels like the ball explodes of the club face which is exactly what Callaway was going for.

Callway rogue iron surrounded by a cut in half iron head showcasing the technology in the club as well as a hammer a few drill bits and various pieces of metal

Bottom Line

Like most Callaway Irons before them, The Callaway Rogue Irons are an excellent option if you are looking for a new iron set. I’ve seen a few reviews from senior players that say these clubs added 10 years of yardage back to their iron game. The distance, feel, and control are all superb. Starting at $899.99 I would highly recommend these clubs for both performance and price.

I am also a big fan of the customization Callaway offers including Iron set packages, Shafts, Grips, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Take the extra step and get these clubs exactly how you want them. That means getting them fitted, trying the different shafts and grips. Well worth the extra time for that smile after each shot on the course.


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