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Phat Golf Scooters

Blonde girl wearing a chive shirt and bright green skirt riding a phat golf scooter on a fairway

Phat Scooters

Now there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a round of golf with the tried and true gold cart experience. It gets you from the tee box to green, keeps play moving, holds your clubs, your booze, and your bluetooth speaker. What more could you ask? The answer is nothing really, but if you’re looking for something a little different we think we found it. Introducing Phat Scooters.

Phat Golf Scooters White Scooter with Black Golf Bag attached on back via mount

A Whole New Golf Experience

The guys over at Phat Scooters set out to change the way the game is played. Utilizing their unique wide wheeled electric scooters they have created a totally new experience on the golf course.

Originally, the scooters were designed to be used as a fun alternative for renting bikes on vacation and cruising the boardwalk. After becoming a success, they came up with the idea of slapping a golf bag holder on the back of the scooter. And just like that Phat Golf Scooters was born.

Style, comfort, and new technology all rolled into one for your golf enjoyment. PGA Professional Pat Perez was quoted saying:

“It’s like riding a couch!”

Pat Perez Driving a Phat Golf Scooter wearing an untucked white polo shirt and a black hat. On the golf course with a golf bag attached on the back of the electric scooter

At first glance I’m thinking these are bit funky, but after doing a little more research they do have some solid benefits for the golf course:

  • Play Faster: Everyone is on a tight schedule nowadays. Phat Golf Scooters keeps play moving and prevents the course from becoming backed up.
  • Individual Transportation: Sick of being stuck in the cart driving around aimlessly looking for your partner’s ball every whole? No more of that nonsense with Phat Scooter Golf. Travel to your own ball in style.
  • Focus: If your riding in the cart with the guy who is always “having a bad day” (you know the guy), it can bring your mojo down and ruin your day as well. Avoid the noise when you’re riding on your own scooter.
  • Fun: Phat Scooters Golf, simply put, is just an exciting new way to enjoy the game. It may not be something to do every round but it is definitely an excellent change of pace and certainly something to look for while out of town, or on vacation looking to get a round in.

Man wearing a black polo shirt and a black golf hat presenting a Phat Golf Scooter with a golf bag on the back in a golf course setting.

Course Benefits

Phat Golf Scooters big selling point is to get courses to purchase an entire fleet of the scooters as an alternative to golf carts. They are said to reduce wear on the course by 50%. Due to fact that they weigh much less that a golf cart, they could even be used on days when the ground is soft, and carts are normally a no go.

They can also be used to stand out in a crowded market. Offering rentals could increase profits due to splitting up riders. With “experiences” being all the buzz these days its definitely something to check out. Phat Golf Scooters can be outright bought and even leased! Learn More!


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