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Greyson Clothiers Golf Apparel

Greyson Clothiers Logo. Grey wolf head with baby blue eyes and a black background

Bored with wearing the same clothes for your weekend golf game over and over again? Those same polos shirts that everybody and their brother owns. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I know you got a bunch of em’ hanging in your closet right now. You probably even have the same quarter-zip as someone at the office so you have to worry about looking like twins every Thursday, right? Ok that might be just me, but I doubt it.

Everybody nowadays is wearing the Under Armour and Nike golf apparel for everything. And there ain’t anything wrong with that. It’s quality stuff, or as quality as you are gonna get for the price these days, right? Sure, but its time to take the lead and become a little bit bolder. Venture off the beaten path and fork out a few extra sheckles for golf apparel that lasts a lifetime and makes you the best dressed player in your crew, both on and off the course.

Look no further than Greyson Clothiers Golf Apparel, an up and coming brand providing top of the line golf apparel and activewear.

Greyson Clothiers

Greyson was founded several years ago by a man named Charlie Schaefer. A former Senior VP of Design at Ralph Lauren, Mr. Schaefer set out to create his own brand. Built on the belief of the ‘look good, play good’ approach, Greyson Clothiers was born. Innovative and sophisticated style, coupled with high performance materials, yielded a modern line of apparel for the golf course as well as your everyday lifestyle.

Greyson Clothiers Golf Golf Legends

Greyson refers to its products as “The Wolf” which is the logo for Greyson that also represents the overall mandate for the brand in reference to the characteristics of a wolf in the wild. From Greyson:

Greyson will redefine golf and active-wear by creating components that are both fashionable and technical. The power of The Wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, and the significance of a pack. The Wolf personifies Greyson’s principles to achieve greatness with strength and camaraderie. Motivated by superior tailoring and construction, Greyson strives to be a pioneer of innovative products. The blend of fashion and sport will prove a sustainable trend, as fitness, wellness, and health are becoming priorities in all facets of life. Passion and vision will drive the team to create specialized products.

If that doesn’t get you interested, at least check out Greyson’s Site. If you’re still not interested after that then I’m not sure where your head is at. No worries though. Now to the gear!

Greyson Clothiers Golf Apparel

Obviously we became aware of Greyson through their offering of golf apparel so well start there. Greyson Clothiers Golf Apparel offers Polos, Pants, Layers, Hats, and Outerwear for the course.

Now at first sight, some of the articles of clothing don’t look like standard apparel for a golf course, and they are not, they are the start of a new era in golf fashion.

Morgan Hoffman, a professional golf who returned to the PGA Tour early this year after being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 2016, has been wearing Greyson for years and help found the brand with Charlie. He has been referred to as the best and boldest dressed player on the tour thanks to Greyson’s attention to detail and desire to push the limits on golf apparel.

From the pants to the polos, the fabric is both stretchy, soft, and extremely breathable as well. The outerwear and variety of layering is tough for the elements but still has that next-level comfort for flexibility on each shot. Every top has a design that pops and is sure to draw some looks and a couple of “where’d you get that?”s in the clubhouse.

Personally, I am a fan of the quarter-zips. Highest quality article of clothing that I have ever owned by a long shot. The look and fee, is far superior to any brand you have every heard of without a question.

Lifestyle Apparel

In addition to their premium apparel for the golf course, Greyson’s selection for lifestyle apparel is just as impressive. From hoodies to athletic shorts, sweatpants and joggers, sweaters and crew neck shirts, there’s something for all.

Fair warning though the price is high for most items. However, in today’s world, confidence is key especially on the golf course. You owe to yourself and to your game to give Greyson Clothiers Golf Apparel a go! Check out Greyson Here!


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